Looking across at St. John's Plaza and the entrance at the north end of the new-look St. John's Terminal, at the southwest corner of Houston Street and Washington Street in Hudson Square, Manhattan. Note a Google sign has been installed above the entrance, in the former trackways on the second floor.
Mar. 27, 2024 12:35 pm PST | The SEO Gazette

Google DOJ Trial Document: Search Quality Increasing ‘Significantly’

A post-trial brief from Google has been released, stating there’s “substantial evidence” of search quality increasing, ad prices decreasing, and more.

google john mueller indexing 404 search console
Feb. 16, 2024 7:06 am PST | The SEO Gazette

Decoding Google’s Approach To 404 Errors: Insights From John Mueller

Explore the nuances of 404 errors and Google Search Console’s validation process with the most recent insights from John Mueller this week.

Microsoft DMA Bing and Edge
Jan. 24, 2024 3:59 am PST | The SEO Gazette

Too Small To Matter: Microsoft Bing & Edge Exempt From European Union’s DMA?

All according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s plan? No. The European Union’s DMA might as well have said Microsoft Edge & Bing do not meet the threshold for regulation, even a little bit.

Android Device on Google Search Home searching 'how to make seos angry and sad', Google logo in color
Jan. 21, 2023 2:45 pm PST | The SEO Gazette

Google’s New Ways to Search in 2024: Circle to Search & AI-Powered Multisearch

Last week, Google’s Elizabeth Reid announced new ways to Google search in 2024 using the new ‘Circle to Search’ and ‘AI-Powered Multisearch’, read our article to learn more.

Featured image, user on phone 'LinkedIn' "Sponsored Articles" with laptop on desk in background
Jan. 21, 2023 3:06 pm PST | The SEO Gazette

LinkedIn’s New ‘Sponsored Articles’ Announced

LinkedIn has unveiled a new feature called ‘Sponsored Articles’, aiming to provide marketers with a powerful tool to boost brand awareness, enhance engagement, and drive lead generation.

News Article/Report Featured Image - Google Logo, Email Image, Blue Background
Jan. 16, 2024 3:11 am PST | The SEO Gazette

Google’s New Email Regulations: A Game Changer in Email Marketing

Announced in October, Google is finally getting ready to launch its new email regulations next month that could impact email marketing as we know it.

News Article Featured Image, man on phone while on laptop, Google Incognito Mode Logo
Dec. 29, 2023 5:05 am PST | The SEO Gazette

Google Settles $5 Billion Lawsuit Over Incognito Mode Tracking

Google settles $5 billion lawsuit after allegedly gathering user activity in Google Analytics and Ad Manager, even while in Incognito mode.

News Article Visual Image "Google Gemini"
Dec. 6, 2023 10:57 pm PST | The SEO Gazette

Google Gemini AI Releases: Revolutionizing AI With Multimodal Tech

In a groundbreaking development, Google has unveiled Gemini, its most advanced AI model yet, marking a pivotal moment in the AI race. Learn about Gemini’s capabilities and future impact.

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