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Helpful Content: Google Search Central’s Christmas Eve Gift

Dec. 24, 2023 8:50 pm PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

December 24, 2023 – Merry Christmas Eve! Today, our favorite search engine elves have a gift for us, one wrapped in the spirit of giving and built on the foundation of helpfulness.

Forget dry technical jargon and promotional buzzwords; this holiday season, GSC’s Year-End Review Door #24 swings open to remind the SEO community that ‘helpful content’ isn’t just a phrase written in Expo marker on a Google Executives white board.

It’s intent is as pure as a new set of Christmas Eve pajamas. Content that truly helps users in their search intention and, “connects, informs, and empowers.”

Let’s Help People, Not Search Engines

Think of the overall concept of creating or writing content for your targeted users as the ultimate holiday gift for them.

Do they want cheap socks from Walmart? Maybe one of those Old Spice soap bundles?

Probably not unless the query is something like “cheap socks” or perhaps your title tag is “Bulk Socks Homeless – Walmart” like in the screenshot below.

Bonus for Reddit down there at the bottom too.

Google SERP, ‘cheap socks’ – Dec. 24. 2023 Screenshot | SEO Gazette

Instead of gifting your target audience ankle-high content, present them with a knee-high pair made with love and your own unique insights. Do your best to provide them clarity, solutions, and a warm online embrace.

This philosophy has a simple name: Helpful Content.

So, what unlocks this treasure trove of user engagement? Well it depends. However, here are four key takeaways from Google’s guidance this year, each sparkling with the potential to transform your content:

1. Trustworthiness

➢ Be a beacon of factual accuracy and transparency. 

➢ Cite credible sources, double-check your facts, and build a reputation for integrity.

2. Understanding

➢ Step into your audience’s shoes. What questions do they have? What frustrations do they face? 

➢ Craft content that meets their needs, anticipates their pain points, and offers genuine solutions to the query that brought them there.

3. Conciseness

➢ Ditch the fluff, try to distill your message into crisp, well-structured writing.

➢ Deliver clear takeaways without overwhelming users. Remember, quality trumps quantity.

4. Inclusive Access

➢ Everyone deserves to understand and benefit from your content. 

➢ Embrace accessibility best practices like clear language, proper formatting, and alternative text for images.

“If the “why” is that you’re primarily making content to attract search engine visits, that’s not aligned with what our systems seek to reward.”

Google Search Central

In this spirit of giving, creators all over the world are using search engines and platforms to share valuable holiday info – from recipes to community events to thoughtful gift ideas.

They’re opening the door to a more connected, informed online world, one helpful piece of content at a time.

As the year draws to a close, let’s carry this “Helpful Content” torch beyond the holiday season and pass it straight to Search Generative Experience…just kidding!

By prioritizing quality, accessibility, and genuine user value, SEOs can build lasting foundations for current and future audiences with a engaging web for everyone.

Open Google Search Central’s door to helpful content before Santa arrives to your home tonight and gets the cookies! But, don’t worry too much – because you can track Santa with Google’s Santa Tracker!`

Share knowledge, foster connection, and let the gift of understanding bring us closer together. Happy holidays!

Article written by Luke Ross, The SEO Gazette

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