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Navigating Google’s November Core Update

Nov. 03, 2023 8:20 am PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

Google’s November 2023 Core Update Rolls Out

Google has rolled out its November 2023 core update, a development that the SEO community should closely monitor. This update follows closely after the October 2023 core update, signaling Google’s relentless pursuit of refining its search algorithms.

Decoding the Update

The November 2023 core update is distinctive, focusing on a “different core system” compared to the October update. For SEOs, it’s crucial to understand that Google’s guidance regarding core updates remains unchanged, emphasizing the importance of consistency in strategy.

Additionally, Google is introducing an update next week to its reviews system. The shift here is noteworthy, as Google will cease periodic notifications about improvements to this system, opting for regular and ongoing updates instead.

Ranking Systems vs. Updates

Google’s search results are generated through multiple ranking systems, each tailored for specific functions. Updates are enhancements made to these systems. Staying abreast of these updates is key to optimizing search performance.

The Pulse of Google Updates

According to Google’s announcement, it was clarified that ‘fine-tunes’ are made to its search algorithms thousands of times annually. While many updates are minor, we should pay attention to the notable updates that Google shares publicly. Historically, Google has shared information on approximately 10 significant updates each year.

SEO Insights

Those who prioritize ‘crafting valuable, audience-centric content’, most updates may not necessitate immediate action. Google’s systems are designed to reward such content. However, if there’s a noticeable shift in traffic post-update, it’s prudent to review Google’s specific guidance and adjust strategies accordingly.

Demystifying Traffic Drops Post-Update

Experiencing a traffic drop post-update doesn’t automatically imply spam-related issues. A thorough analysis should be made to identify potential non-spam content areas that may require optimization.

Google’s Quality Assurance

Every potential change to Google Search undergoes rigorous evaluation to ensure it aligns with user needs and improves metrics. SEOs can delve deeper into this process to better understand how updates may impact search results.

Google encourages active participation in the Google Search Central Community, providing a platform for SEO professionals to discuss and gain insights.

Article written by Luke Ross, The SEO Gazette

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