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New Linkedin Sponsored Articles

Jan. 21 2024 3:06 pm PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

LinkedIn has unveiled a new feature called sponsored articles, aiming to provide marketers with a powerful tool to boost brand awareness, enhance engagement, and drive lead generation.

This development is significant for businesses seeking to leverage LinkedIn’s vast professional network without disrupting the user experience by requiring members to leave the platform to access content.

Key Highlights of LinkedIn’s Sponsored Articles:

Enhanced Engagement: The introduction of sponsored articles allows LinkedIn users to engage with content directly on the platform, potentially leading to higher interaction rates.

Promotion and Visibility: Companies can now promote articles published on their LinkedIn accounts. This promotion includes the option to add a Call-To-Action (CTA) button, such as “Unlock Article,” which encourages users to sign up to access the full content. This feature is particularly beneficial for lead generation, Ads, and PPC, mirroring the effectiveness of LinkedIn’s lead generation ads.

Eligibility and Accessibility: Initially, only articles authored by company accounts are eligible for sponsorship. The LinkedIn product team is actively working on expanding this feature with additional functionalities expected to be introduced soon.

Rollout Status: The sponsored articles feature has been made available to the majority of business accounts, although some brands may still be waiting for access.

Baptiste Beauvisage, Lead Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn, highlighted the advantages of sponsored articles in an in-depth LinkedIn post, noting that they allow advertisers to utilize existing content on their LinkedIn pages more effectively.

Sponsored posts are designed to be more viral than externally hosted blog articles, enabling direct interaction with logged-in members through comments and providing a superior user experience (UX). Importantly, this feature allows for lead generation directly within LinkedIn, eliminating the need to direct users to external sites to access articles.

This initiative by LinkedIn represents a strategic move to enhance its platform’s value for marketers while improving the content consumption experience for users, potentially setting a new standard for professional networking and brand engagement online.

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Article written by Luke Ross, SEO Gazette LLC

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