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Meta’s New Political Ad Standards

Nov. 8, 2023 8:25 pm PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

Meta Introduces AI Disclosure Policy for Political & Social Issue Ads

In a significant policy update, Meta has announced the implementation of a new directive requiring advertisers to disclose the use of artificial intelligence (AI) or other digital methods in the creation or alteration of ads concerning political or social issues. This global mandate will take effect from the new year, affecting both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Under this policy, any ad that includes photorealistic imagery, videos, or realistic audio that has been digitally fabricated or modified must be clearly labeled if it portrays a real person saying or doing something they haven’t, depicts a fictitious realistic person or event, or modifies genuine footage of real events in a consequential way.

However, not all digital modifications require disclosure. Simple changes like image resizing, cropping, color correction, or sharpening need not be disclosed unless they significantly impact the ad’s message.

To increase transparency, Meta will annotate ads in the ad creation flow and the Ad Library with a notice when the advertiser indicates digital creation or alteration. Non-compliance with this disclosure requirement will lead to ad rejection, and repeat offenses may attract further penalties.

The company reinforces its commitment to authenticity by stating that content violating their policies will be removed, regardless of whether AI created it.

“As always, we remove content that violates our policies whether it was created by AI or a person. Our independent fact-checking partners review and rate viral misinformation and we do not allow an ad to run if it’s rated as False, Altered, Partly False, or Missing Context.” 

The company’s fact-checking partners play a crucial role in this process by reviewing and rating viral information that is deemed ‘misinformation’. According to Meta’s Misinformation Policy Page, what is determined as misinformation can be contributed to a variety of factors. In regard to removing misinformation from its platforms, Meta partners with their fact-checkers as well as, “partnering with human rights organizations with a presence on the ground in a country to determine the truth of a rumor about civil conflict, and partnering with health organizations during the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

Screenshot received from Meta's Transparency Center at
Screenshot received from Meta’s Transparency Center at

This move seemingly aims to enhance user awareness and ensure that the digital advertising landscape remains as transparent and truthful as possible. Additional details regarding the exact process for advertisers will be able to be obtained from

Article written by Luke Ross, The SEO Gazette

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