Google SERP Screenshot Dec. 20 2023 'how many credit cards should I have' Search Generative Experience

New Developments in Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Dec. 20, 2023 2:56am PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) has become a significant player in SERPs, now appearing in 84% of search queries according to a recent Search Engine Land report by Danny Goodwin.

Currently, SGE has three primary forms: an opt-in version where users actively request AI-generated answers which has a 68% occurrence rate, a collapsed version showing truncated responses at 16%, and instances where no SGE is triggered for the query at 15%. These developments, as revealed by BrightEdge and its Generative Parser tool, indicate a substantial shift in how search results are presented and interacted with.

Diverse Content Formats in SGE

SGE’s content presentation is notably varied. Unordered lists, either with or without detailed descriptions, are a common format, appearing in nearly half of the cases. Additionally, location-based modules, including maps, are frequently used, particularly in local searches. For product-related queries, Google is experimenting with product viewers, though these currently appear less frequently.

YMYL Queries and Google’s Cautious Approach

In Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) queries, Google has introduced various warnings to guide users. These warnings cover a range of topics, including age, financial, medical, legal, and dangerous content. This approach reflects Google’s commitment to providing accurate and safe information, especially in ‘sensitive’ areas.

➢ Age Warning: “This could be unsafe or illegal depending on a person’s age.”

Google SERP, Query ’24/7 liquor store los angeles’ – Screenshot Dec. 20 2023

 Danger Warning: “This could be dangerous. Consider asking a professional for help.”

Google SERP, Query ‘tattoo shop los angeles’ – Screenshot Dec. 20 2023

➢ Legality Warning: “This is not legal advice. You may want to consult a lawyer about this question.”

Google SERP, Query ‘do i need a lawyer’ – Screenshot Dec. 20 2023

➢ Financial Warning: “This is not professional financial advice. Consulting a financial advisor about your particular circumstances is best.”

Google SERP, Query ‘how many credit cards should I have’ – Screenshot Dec. 20 2023

➢ Medical Warning: “This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.”

Google SERP, Query ‘antidepressants’ – Screenshot Dec. 20 2023

Innovations in Product Views

Google’s experimentation in product views is particularly noteworthy. BrightEdge has identified several key formats, including product listings with sourced descriptions, apparel product displays with contextual commentary on fashion trends, and various carousel groupings to showcase diverse product preferences. These innovations suggest a more dynamic and user-friendly approach to product searches.

SEO Implications

As Search Generative Experience continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable is key. SEOs should closely monitor these changes, experiment with new content formats, and be ready to pivot strategies in response to both Google’s and Microsoft Bing’s updates and experiments in 2024.

With rumored plans for widespread adoption across Google SERPs sometime in Q2 or Q3 2024, the SEO community should begin planning out their strategies now and adjusting campaign efforts accordingly. However, remember to stick to the basics and keep E-E-A-T in mind always.

Article written by Luke Ross, The SEO Gazette

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