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Bing Integrates GPT-4 for Enhanced Search Snippets Creation

Nov. 18, 2023 10:33 am PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

On Wednesday, November 15th, Microsoft announced a new Bing feature that uses AI to enrich the search experience with more informative snippets. This advancement, called Generative AI Captions, involves the use of GPT-4 in generating search result captions.

New Snippets Created By OpenAI’s GPT-4

The snippets will be created by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, which is tasked with generating these customized captions. It processes user queries and web page content to generate succinct descriptions that purportedly reflect the true essence of each page’s content. These new snippet/captions are formed using “advanced natural language generation” techniques, offering a ‘more detailed overview’ of Bing search results.

Although these AI-generated snippets may not always exactly replicate the webpage’s text, the Microsoft Bing Team is incorporating several measures to maintain their precision and relevance.

However, SEOs and publishers have the straightforward option to opt out. Microsoft emphasized this in their announcement, stating:

“We value your control over your web content. If you prefer not to have Generative Captions created for your site, it’s as simple as using the NOCACHE or NOARCHIVE tags.”

— Microsoft Bing Team

Potential Impact of Bing’s GPT-4 Captions

The introduction of Generative AI Captions in Bing marks yet another shift in how search results are presented. Both Microsoft and Google seem to be head to head in the race to reaching a fully-capable AI search model.

This change could have significant ramifications for search engine optimization efforts for those who aren’t up to date, particularly concerning clickthrough rates. Bing’s new snippets go beyond just using a page’s title tag and meta description; it synthesizes information from the content and user queries to create snippets that are “tailored to each unique search query and may generate different snippets for different queries.”

While this may be beneficial for users, it has potential to alter traffic for sites that rely on meticulously crafted titles and descriptions to draw in users. The SEO community will need to ensure page content accuracy and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look over targeted keywords too.

Not to mention, if the AI-generated snippets sufficiently address a user’s query, it could reduce the likelihood of them visiting the actual website. This is already being seen with some new Google Search Generative Experience features.

But, we’ll see. These new, “modern-age” snippets might attract additional clicks. Just like every new update or change that the search engines and tools make, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Options for Opting Out

While waiting, it’ll be important for SEOs to monitor changes and examine how these snippets are presenting pages as the feature continues to develop. The SEO Gazette recommends opting out until the results are clear in the coming weeks. As mentioned, if you’re concerned about the new Generative AI Captions, Bing provides clear instructions for opting out.

To exclude a site, you can use tags like NOCACHE, NOARCHIVE, NOSNIPPET, or MAXSNIPPET. Microsoft also confirmed that these preferences will be respected in Bing Chat.

*By default, all websites are included in this feature.

Article written by Luke Ross, The SEO Gazette

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