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Google Announces Major Update to Reviews System

Nov. 05, 2023 6:49 pm PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

Google has recently announced an upcoming update to its Reviews System, signaling the end of an era and the commencement of a new phase for review updates. This announcement was made in a new Q&A about core updates published by Google.

Understanding Google’s Reviews System

The Reviews System is designed to evaluate first-party standalone content such as articles, blog posts, and pages that aim to provide recommendations, opinions, or analysis. It does not evaluate third-party reviews, such as user-generated reviews on product or service pages. If a site’s content is primarily reviews, the system evaluates all the content. However, if reviews are not the main component, the evaluation is conducted on a page level rather than site-wide.

Upcoming Review System Update

Google has announced that an update to the Reviews System is expected to start rolling out within a week. This update comes alongside the November Core Algorithm Update, indicating that November will witness a series of updates impacting websites.

Transition to Regular Updates

Post the upcoming Reviews System update, Google will transition to regular releases of updates and improvements to the system. Although the term “rolling update” was not explicitly used, the announcement suggests that the Reviews System will undergo incremental improvements or changes on a regular basis.

Google stated, “We expect an update to our reviews system to start rolling out next week. That will also mark a point when we’ll no longer be giving periodic notifications of improvements to our reviews system, because they will be happening at a regular and ongoing pace.”

Implications for SEOs and Publishers

While the announcement may raise concerns, it could potentially be beneficial for SEOs and publishers. In the past, the Reviews System updates have been challenging for affected websites, as rankings would remain stagnant until the next system update. This meant that even if publishers rectified issues leading to lower rankings, the benefits would only be realized upon the next update, sometimes causing sites to experience reduced search traffic for months.

The transition to a regularly updating system could lead to faster recoveries for websites. Drawing parallels with the Penguin Update, which initially caused upheaval in search rankings but later transitioned to a rolling update, this change in the Reviews System might be seen as positive news.

In conclusion, while the exact implications of the new Reviews System need further clarification, the shift to regular updates may lead to quicker recoveries and adjustments for SEOs and publishers.

Article written by Luke Ross, The SEO Gazette

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