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Google Adds Generative AI to ‘Search Considerations’ Documentation

Oct. 24, 2023 7:53 pm PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

Embracing Generative AI

Google has introduced a Generative AI section within its ‘Search Considerations’ documentation. The new information added on October 18th is titled as ‘Generative AI in Search considerations’ and is under the ‘Structured data for subscription and paywalled content’ section of Google Search Documentation.

Google’s Key Points:

  • AI-Generated Overviews: The overviews in Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) are generated using artificial intelligence, utilizing information from across the web and Google’s Knowledge Graph.
  • Knowledge Graph Utilization: Google’s Knowledge Graph, a vast collection of data about people, places, and things, plays a crucial role in generating these overviews.
  • Snippet Controls: Content that has been blocked using snippet controls will not be included in the SGE overviews.
  • Discovery and Exploration: SGE aims to facilitate users in discovering useful information on the web, acting as a starting point for further exploration.
  • Inclusion of Paywalled Content: SGE overviews might include links to content behind paywalls, helping users discover these pages.
  • SGE While Browsing vs SGE in Search: There’s a distinction between SGE while browsing and SGE in search. The former does not display key points for articles behind paywalls if the page has paywall structured data.

A Look at Recent SGE Updates

With this new documentation, let’s take a look at some recent Google Search Generative Experience updates to look into and keep on your radar.

Incorporation of Images

Google has introduced a notable feature where images are now integrated within the SGE. As of October 12, 2023, Google is in the testing phase of a functionality that allows users to create images within SGE by simply typing prompts. This enhancement not only provides AI-generated text overviews but also extends the interactive experience to images, making the search experience more engaging and informative​.

New Generative AI Capabilities

Moreover, SGE has been enriched with new generative AI capabilities. These advancements are designed to assist users in better understanding and making sense of the information available on the web. These generative AI capabilities were introduced less than three months ago from the latest update and have received positive feedback, indicating a substantial stride towards enhancing the user’s search experience​.

Multimedia Features

Before these recent updates, Google had already incorporated multimedia features into SGE, providing a more interactive and enriched search experience. These multimedia features are part of Google’s ongoing effort to improve the search experience by making it more interactive and informative​.

User Engagement and Features

Users can opt into SGE through Search Labs, which is currently available only in the US (English). By accessing the Labs icon in the latest version of the Google app or on Chrome desktop, users are introduced to a realm of AI-powered overviews. These overviews are crafted to help users quickly grasp a topic, engage in follow-up questions in a conversational manner, and effortlessly explore and delve deeper into topics based on high-quality results and perspectives provided by Google​.

Future Enhancements

It’s important to note that SGE is in its early stages of development, and as such, the quality of experience may vary. However, Google is actively seeking user feedback to further improve the system.

This user-centric approach aims to enhance the SGE platform by aligning it more closely with the users’ needs and expectations, ensuring a more refined and user-friendly search experience moving forward​.

Article written by Luke Ross, The SEO Gazette

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