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Google fixes bug found in core update impacting Discover traffic

Nov. 01, 2023 7:40 pm PST | SEO Gazette | By Luke Ross

October 2023 Core Update Discover Bug Fixed

This afternoon, Google announced that a bug was found with how the Oct. 2023 core update applied to Discover, which has now been corrected. Google says that some sites could possibly see an increase in Discover-related traffic.

Bug found as early as october 5th

A statement from within the Google Search Status Dashboard says, “On October 5, we found a bug with how our October 2023 core update was applied to Discover — As of October 31, we fixed the bug. Some sites may see an increase in Discover-related traffic, as a result of this bug fix.”

Screenshot from Google Search Status Dashboard November 1st 2023 - SEO Gazette
Screenshot from Google Search Status Dashboard 2023-11-01 | SEO Gazette

Notice low traffic from Discover this month? It was most likely related to this bug (hopefully, right?). This announcement brings further attention to the impact on SEO the latest Google updates have had an affect on.

The SEO Community should be on the lookout for improvements in Discover traffic starting today, November 1st, since the bug has been addressed and fixed. However, Google Discover usually isn’t a “heavy hitter” when it comes to accurate traffic data and metrics anyhow, for now at least.

Article written by Luke Ross, The SEO Gazette

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